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About us

The Corporate re-positioning and Enhancement Agency is a consultancy comprising affiliated professionals and specialised conglomerates. Its management team may jointly or individually  articulate both Foreign and Domestic corporate interests, in the pursuit of private and public economic and social objectives. It serves in advisory capacity, as well as offers competent skills and services to, individuals, corporate bodies and governments, on substantive development issues related to both domestic and international investment. In doing this, CORPENHAGEN work with like minded entities, to forge a veritable labyrinth of resource base, to support or seek sponsorship and requisite competence for clients.  

PRIORITY interests
PRIORITY interest are: Infrastructure, Agriculture and Agribusiness, Mining, HydroCarbon, Clean energy, Shelter, Industry and Value additions.
CORPENHAGEN also engages in management services, trade fairs and international businesses conventions, corporate liaison and government relations, including advisory role, contractual hiring of personnel and services, capacity building programs and institutional restructuring; with a view to enhancing competence and the achievement of maximum effectiveness.
Our Mission
OUR MISSION is to create wealth through inclusiveness and optimum utility of resources.
The Corpenhagen engages in management services, trade fairs and international convention; corporate liaison including personnel and services hiring capacity building and institutional restructuring with a view to enhance their capacity of clients to achieve maximum objectives.
To prioritize areas of agriculture, mining, hydrocarbons and clean energy, shelter, industry and promoting prosperity
The Corporate Positioning and Enhancement Agency is a consultancy specialized in articulating foreign and domestic corporate and public interests, and the facilitation of government relations. It is a major investment entity.
To forge a labyrinth of resource base, to support or sponsor competence in the development of personnel, corporate and public enterprise and prosperity.

About Me

Ambassador AbdulQadir A Musafari, mni. B,Sc Political Science, MA, International Realtions. (Political Economist)


Ambassador AbdulQadir Musafari was born on January 10th 1958, in Kano Nigeria. An indigene of Hadejia, Jigawa State Nigeria, he went to the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria (75-79), the National Youth Service Corp (79/80), the University of Kent Canterbury, UK (1992) and the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru Nigeria (2005).

Ambassador Musa joined the Nigerian Foreign Service on August 18, 1980 and served in various diplomatic capacity, at numerous Nigerian Missions abroad and Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nigeria, for a period of 30 years. His diplomatic postings abroad covered Republic of Indonesia (82/85); USA/UK (89/92); USA/Germany (98/22) and Senegal/Tunisia (2006/2010). He was at Directorate level, alternate leader of the Technical team to Nigeria’s Bi-National Commissions with, Algeria, Cameroon, Libya and South Africa and the Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission for Cooperation. READ MORE

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No. 7 Robert Kennedy Street

NNQ PSHS Orozo, Abuja




+(234) 903086808879